Book Review for ‘A Land Most Goodly’ – Written by a Muslim sister, with family in Yemen

“Sheikh Jaffer Ladak has spilled history onto the pages of this wonderfully written book on Yemen. Having come from Yemen myself, travelled through it from South to North and most of its in between(s), I have come to love this country from the bottom of my heart and have known that it has an amazingly rich history, I just had no idea it had this rich a history. “A Land Most Goodly” is so beautifully descriptive, so organised in its timelines and so eloquently written that it takes one onto a vivid journey through this beautiful country, once paved with cobbled streets and old forts, now destroyed by the war.

I urge you to read this work, to see what Yemen was, what it has gone through to become what it became, and what it has finally become, to get lost in its pages, then to finally close the book with the knowledge that Yemen is steeped in rich histories, cultures, traditions, and religions. That it still is, despite the war, full of humble, hospitable and happy people, as they have come to be known over the years in the Arab region, “The Happy Yemen”.

May this book, the author’s sincere works, and others like him help bring true happiness to this country again, and to all regions of the suffering world!”

Cost of the book is £12 (with £10 going to the charities in Yemen). Both physical and E-Reader versions will be available from Friday.

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